Evolution of API Gateways — A Glimpse

Late 1990s Landscape

Rise of Hardware Load Balancers

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Early 2000s Landscape

Rise of Software Load Balancers

  1. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), primarily driven by the Telco organisations, began to be increasingly adopted in order to offload requests from origin web servers.
  2. Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) also began to see increasing adoption, first implemented using specialised hardware, and later via software. The open source ModSecurity project, and the integration of this with the Apache Web Server, drove mass adoption of WAFs.

Mid 2000s Landscape

Rise of Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)

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Early 2010s Landscape

Birth of First Generation API Gateways

2015 Landscape

Rise of Second Generation API Gateways

2017 post Landscape

Service Mesh and/or API Gateway

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